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Arthurs Seat Eagle + Mills Beach

Thinking about an easy day trip to get away from the boring city life?

Hop on your car and drive down to the Mornington Peninsula and up to the Arthurs Seat Eagle gondola!

It's only approximately an hour drive from Melbourne City.

You don't even need to pay for toll if you take a slightly longer drive via M11, it's just another 15-20mins drive but nicer to drive along the seaside suburbs anyway.

Check the weather before you go if you want to enjoy a nice view like this.

Instead of going on to the Arthur Seat to walk around pointlessly, it's best to go on the gondola so you can have a 270 degree view of the Mornington Peninsula. It is a short trip that lasts 10-15 mins each way, enough for you to enjoy the view as well as the nice sea breeze.

It is perfect to do that in a warm day that's not too hot. Make sure you bring enough water if you want to go on a 30 degree day. Personally I don't think it's good to do this if it's hotter than 35 degree (Celcius).

To meet the the covid-safe requirement in Victoria, all the gondola carts will be wiped clean with disinfectant after you get off before they let the next group of people get on it. So, you can surely have the peace of mind while enjoying the view.

Pre-book the ticket online

To avoid any queue, you can pre-book the gondola ticket online at:

After your short gondola trip, you can either drive down to Mornington to have some lunch or just go to Red Hill Cheese have a little afternoon tea.

Kindly reminder - you do need to drive through a few mins of dirt road to get to there. See it as part of the adventure.

Above photo: small cheese tasting plates + a locally grown riesling.

I'm not a fan of blue cheese and my darling doesn't like goat cheese...lucky they got different types of cheese to suit everyone. You must ask for the pear paste with your cheese! It's just amazing when you have it together with your cheese & crackers!

After having some food, we then kept driving down to the Peninsula to have a little beach walk. There is a little walk between Mills beach & Shire Hall beach where you can see the fabulous water colour via the scenic lookout.

Remember to bring your bather!

It's nice to complete the day with sunset at the beach so you can go home for dinner after. Otherwise, there are enough restaurants for you to choose at Mornington.

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